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Dec 9, 2012 9:00pm EST
,000 pounds a year. 107,000 pounds. he went along with it. he went along with it. the party of lord george. he went along with it. now, now, he hasn't kept his promise on all of us being in it together. two years ago, he said by 2015 "we will have balanced the books." can he explain why he has so badly failed to keep that promise? >> let me give you the figures. in 2009 there was 16,000 people earning more than a million. in 2010 when the rate went up, this plummeted to 6,000 people. therefore, because of his election gamut 50 p it cost the country seven billion pounds. when is he going to realize, tax rate is about raising money not about punishing success. that is what we need him to understand. that in terms of the deficit, we have cut the budget deficit by 25%. you will get an update of the progress in a minute. how on earth, can you deal with a borrowing problem when pledging to borrow more? >> let's be clear, mr. speaker, about his answer on 50 p. the answer to the problem -- the answer to the problem of tax avoidance is to give the people doing it a tax cut. that is the answer he gave.
Dec 24, 2012 12:30am EST
in this house to help bring that about. i have received information and as the first lord of the treasury, i think i can confidently predict that it will be a decision that will go down. >> as this is the good season of a good season and humbug, the top tax was 40 p, the gap between rich and poor was widens, and they left more in the gap? >> they left a record deficits. -- deficit. they have never apologized for a word of it. >> last, but not least, tom clarke. >> there are people who are perhaps watching the proceedings to are very interested in the issue of poverty. the body which advised that we are approaching 9 million households, a record, since records first began, and will be explained to the house and to our constituents as we approach christmas, what is the government prepared to do about this horrible scandal of fuel poverty? >> the honorable gentleman is entirely right that this is a scandal. as i said, we are committed to tackling poverty. we have kept the increase permit. we are and molesting him -- investing in a scheme and they promised to abolish fuel poverty, but they put i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)